What is reunion 257?

Our mission is to bring the Burundian Diaspora Community together, to network, to promote Burundi's culture, and to discuss ways we can contribute to the development of Burundi and the communities we are currently in.


The Burundian community is separated around the world and they lack a platform that brings them together. In the United States alone there are over 40,000 Burundians across the country. This is why Reunion 257 was born.


Last year, Reunion 257 with the help of the Burundian Community of Texas was able to bring 400+ youth and adults together in Dallas, TX. This included multiple Burundian non-profit organizations and businesses who will now be working together towards making Burundi and the Burundian diaspora a better place. Reunion 257 believes that in order for us to advance, we must first unite.



This year the 4th annual Reunion 257 event will be in Louisville, KY from June 29th  to July 1st, 2018. Reunion 257 and Burundi Development initiative (BDI) will be working hand in hand with a Burundian youth organization called TUVUGANE. Learn more about Reunion 257.

BDI has been a partner of Reunion 257 since 2017.